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Preserve land and reduce your Colorado income tax.

Colorado has a unique tax incentive program that allows the transfer of conservation easement tax credits from landowners to Colorado resident taxpayers. Landowners who put a conservation easement on their land can qualify for tax credits. These credits can be sold to Colorado resident taxpayers who want to significantly reduce their state income tax liability. Landowner/sellers immediately receive cash, while buyers reduce their taxes. Both sellers and buyers help to protect and sustain Colorado’s open spaces, working farms and ranches, wildlife habitat, wetlands and scenic vistas. This natural heritage is an important part of the quality of life we all enjoy here in Colorado.

Conservation Tax Credit Transfer, LLC provides expert comprehensive transfer services for sellers and buyers.
We provide transfer services for landowner/sellers who want to sell their tax credits and qualified buyers who want to purchase these credits. We thoroughly review all of the required easement donation documents to ensure that the tax credits we accept for sale are quality tax credits. Once we accept these credits, we match them with qualified credit buyers. Both sellers and buyers execute Conservation Tax Credit Transfer, LLC’s Agreement to Purchase/Sell. Transfers are completed by delivering signed copies of the Agreement and checks from the buyers to the sellers.


Conservation Tax Credit Transfer, LLC provides the required tax filing paperwork.
After the credits are sold, we prepare the required paperwork documenting the completed transaction for both sellers and buyers to file with their Colorado state income tax returns. This includes completing Department of Revenue (DR) Form 1305 and help with completing Forms DR 1303 and 1304.

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